Orchids aren’t typical houseplants; they often require much more care than other flowers or plants. 

Since they are quite delicate, caring for them requires a loving and gentle hand. Though it seems complicated, it’s nothing more than a little extra attention to detail. 

So, here are four ways you can keep your orchids looking fresh and healthy. 


4 Ways To Keep Orchids Fresh Before Delivery

1. Never Over-Water Your Orchids 

Orchids are beautiful flowers, but their beauty is not as easy to preserve. This is why knowing exactly how much you should water them is important. Orchids are not the biggest fans of water. So, you should give them just enough to sustain them through their commute to the delivery point and a while after. 

Most people, including some florists, assume fresh-cut orchids need to be treated like other flowers, but that is untrue. All they need is a vase filled with 1/4th of water for them to sip on, which will keep even a fully bloomed orchid in prime condition. 

2. Never Under-Water Your Orchids 

Orchids can be picky with water, but that does not mean you under-water them. They are still flowers that need a constant, albeit small, supply of clean water to sustain them for a longer time. However, it can be hard to know exactly how much they need throughout the day. 

A good way to find out if your orchids have enough water to sustain is if the leaves, stems or petals start losing their bright colours and turn yellow or gray. Lack of water can lead to the orchids being dull before you make it to the customer’s door. 

3. Keep The Orchids Away From Low Humidity Area 

While transporting the orchid, keeping track of proper orchid care can be quite hard. However, if you want them to last longer, it is necessary. One good way to ensure that the flowers stay fresh and alive is by keeping them away from low-humidity areas. Since these flowers originate from tropical regions, humidity is necessary to stay in shape. 

If you plan on transporting the orchids in a delivery van where there is a lack of humidity, you can make use of a humidifier to match the humidity levels. Misting the orchid leaves can also do wonders in keeping the flower vibrant and healthy. 

4. Keep Them Away From Direct Sunlight 

As mentioned, orchids are flowers that originated from tropical regions. So, it can be confusing why they detest sunlight as much as they do. This is because, despite growing in tropical regions with harsh sunlight, the lush forests kept away most of the direct sunlight and only let a smaller amount pass through. Direct sunlight can lead to the orchids losing their colour and, ultimately, dehydration of the flowers. 

So, to sustain the orchids longer, make sure that you transport them in a way that they receive plenty of natural light but not directly hitting them. This can be achieved by placing them near a window rather than right in front. 

Final Words

Orchids are beautiful flowers and require lots of care so that your customers or clients get happy, healthy-looking flowers at their doorstep. We recommend contacting a florist near you for tips and tricks, considering your area’s climate, that can help keep the flowers fresh throughout the day.