Do you think commercial equipment service is too much of a task?

Sure, maintenance requires time and effort, but it is still better than heavy equipment repair, which is a costly affair. And since equipment breakdowns aren’t predictable, you must get them serviced on a regular basis to make sure they are in good working order.

Heavy Equipment Servicing

How Can Heavy Equipment Servicing Benefit Your Business?

Some benefits of routinely servicing your heavy business equipment are:

1. Increase The Lifespan Of The Equipment

The primary reason to service your equipment is to increase its lifespan. Every piece of machinery has a fixed number of working hours, after which no amount of repairs can make it work. So, the aim is to keep the equipment functional for as long as possible, and servicing makes that happen.

Not only does it increase the lifespan of the equipment, but it also ensures maximum efficiency and functionality. A little bit of oiling, changing worn-out parts, and fuel replacement can help your equipment stick around in business for years on end. 

2. Reduce Insurance Expenses

Insurance costs for heavy equipment cover two things – the machinery itself and the employees. Neglecting regular servicing can significantly increase repair costs for the equipment and make you liable to compensate employees who get injured due to its failure. 

3. Mitigate Issues Early On

If a machine is properly serviced, it becomes easier for technicians to detect problems well in advance. Thus, you get enough time to buy replacement parts and prevent breakdowns.

4. Prevent Downtime Losses

When any heavy equipment malfunctions, not only do you have to spend money to repair it, but your business also incurs huge losses. But you can prevent such costly downtime losses by servicing your equipment on a regular basis. 

5. Keeps Operators And Employees Safe

When it comes to working with heavy industrial equipment, it’s necessary to follow safety rules to avoid workplace fatalities. Only skilled and experienced operators must be allowed to work around heavy machinery. However, if the equipment is poorly maintained, it can abruptly break down and put your employees at risk of serious injuries. 

Hence, routine maintenance of heavy equipment is necessary to protect your employees and operators from fatal accidents. 

6. Keeps Depreciation In Check

Like your mobile phone or car, the value of every electronic item decreases with time and usage– that also stands true for heavy commercial equipment. The longer it is used, the more its value decreases, so you won’t get a good deal if you plan on selling it later.

Timely servicing of devices can reduce depreciation and help you get better deals when selling them.


Heavy equipment servicing isn’t an expense but an investment that yields high returns. By putting in a little time and effort, you can prevent your equipment from breaking down, reduce insurance costs, and save hundreds on repairs and replacements.

So, don’t put it off anymore– service your heavy equipment today!