There are several effective weight loss techniques, but one that has captured people’s imagination is the HCG diet. 

While there are contrasting views regarding the safety and efficacy of HCG drops, this diet does help you lose weight fast. But for that, it’s essential to control calorie intake and watch what you eat for several weeks. 

This guide discusses how to consume HCG drops, what foods to avoid, and how intense the diet will be, depending on people’s weight loss goals.

How To Consume HCG Drops?

Consuming hcg drops atlanta with a low-calorie and low-fat diet can help people lose weight quickly. People who believe in the efficacy of this diet are of the opinion that HCG boosts metabolism and ensures individuals can shed their body fat without feeling hungry. 

But over the years, several studies have concluded that the benefits of an HCG diet may stem from the low-calorie intake and not so much from the drops themselves. So, for consuming HCG drops, we can categorize the diet into 3 phases –

A. Loading Phase

The first part of taking HCG drops is the loading phase which lasts for 2 days and involves consuming high-calorie and high-fat foods.

B. Weight Loss Phase

After the initial 2 days, switch to a low-calorie diet of not more than 500 calories per day, and follow it for 3-6 weeks. 

C. Maintenance Phase

This is the last phase when you no longer need to consume HCG drops and can slowly increase your food intake. But even then, it would be best to avoid starch and sugar for 3 more weeks.

D. Time Frame

Depending on the kind of weight loss routine you want to follow, the period for the individual phases will change accordingly. People who don’t want drastic weight loss can stick to the middle phase for 3 weeks, while those looking for a rigorous regimen must follow the diet for 6 weeks. 

When you want to lose a lot of weight, repeat each stage several times for the best results. Most importantly, you must not consume more than 2 meals daily (lunch and dinner) during the weight loss phase, with each meal comprising –

  • A single serving of fruits
  • One vegetable 
  • A portion of lean protein
  • One piece of bread

As a rule, you must avoid sugar, oil, and butter while drinking several litres of water daily. You can even drink tea, coffee, or mineral water to guarantee proper fluid intake. But if you are unsure, it would be best to consult a medical professional to know what other foods you can have.


While consuming HCG drops and sticking to a low-calorie diet might prove effective, you should know that it’s far from easy. 

Headaches, anxiety, and depression are common among people who can’t handle the pressure of this starvation-level diet, so you must be well-informed. This is especially important when you are already suffering from health issues, so consult a doctor before taking the drops.

However, if you’re serious about weight loss, get your drops today and chart out a proper diet for maximum benefits!