Are you looking for a trusted Oshawa roofer? Or you are concerned about repairing the roof which is affected by some bad happenings like Wind storm, rain or Earthquake. You don’t need to be worried; here is a valuable guide for everything you need to dig out a legit roofer. Let’s understand how to do so.

For how long have you been doing roofing?

The first and simple step is to check, For how long that specific roofer has been doing this job. Because many unprofessional roofers trap the customers, it will result in tension and loss of money. 

Where have you worked in the past?

The roofer’s background is decisive in choosing because, for service providers, their reputation and reviews are their assets.

Do ask for the previous client number and take a review from them. 

If you get good responses, move to the next selection step. 

Is your licenced roofer?

Roofing is a critical job, and doing it by yourself is troublesome because you are unaware of the tools, materials and safety. Ask about a license before hiring because only a professional roofer can do it. 

The reason behind being an authorized installer is that if something adverse happens, then the roofer, manufacturer or distributor is solely accused of it. So the manufacturer or distributor doesn’t regard your warranty if you or an unauthorized roofer does it.

What is your Unplanned Repairs Policy?

During repair, unexpected happenings may occur, and sometimes it’s more crucial to repair the new ones before the previous ones because they are more harmful to the structure. Removing the old ones may result in ok.

Roofs have the same kind of functionality. Sometimes, decking can be destroyed by water and moisture. This kind of damage must be repaired before any more humidity enters inside a property. You can inquire from your roofing contractor how to handle these kind of damages to your roof. This way, you can prepare yourself even before any damage happens.

Will you remove the old roof?

Roofers sometimes don’t remove the roofing and do the new one. It shouldn’t be done because it elevates the weight of the roof, which is already in bad health. Doing so will not only result in keeping the hidden issues untreated.

Permanently remove the roof because it will result in digging out any issue which can not be seen before. Figure out all the problems you find out. It looks expensive at first because you don’t have to spend on additional issues, but in the long run, it’s more pragmatic because it will not lead to severe accidents.

What is your financial policy?

The roofing cost is the chosen indicator for many people, and almost 60% of the individuals decide on the base. A professional roofer will visit your site and tell you the estimated cost of your roof and legal agreement.  

Final Words

To recapitulate, new roofing without eradicating the previous is like bandaging an un-detected wound. So do ask about finances, experience, license and unexpected repairs.