If you’ve ever wondered if you have a septic tank, it’s time to find out. A septic tank is an underground container that collects waste and releases it through the soil into the sewer system.

 It’s important to know whether or not you have one so that any maintenance can be done correctly by professionals in the future.

Below, we have curated a short guide that will help you identify a septic tank. Read on to know more!

Septic Tank

Look for the Septic Tank in Your Yard

If your septic tank is in a concrete structure and has a lid, it’s likely that you have one. If you see any of these signs:

  • A concrete structure with a lid.
  • A concrete structure covered by grass (or weeds).
  • A concrete structure surrounded by trees and shrubs.
  • A concrete structure surrounded by bushes and trees

Determine Whether There is a Septic Tank Onsite

The first step in determining whether or not you have a septic tank is to look for signs of it. A buried septic tank can be identified by digging up the ground around your property, or simply walking outside and looking for any pipes that lead into the ground at an angle. 

If there’s no sign of a buried tank, but you notice a lot of water coming out from under your house or yard, then it could be time to call in a professional inspection team!

Check your Area for Sewer Mains

If you have a septic tank, your sewer system is probably located on the ground near your home. That’s why it’s important to check for these pipes before digging up the ground to know where they are located.

Check for sewer mains: A typical sewer main will have a large pipe going from one side of the street/road or driveway to another. 

You can easily find them by looking at where all of this waste goes when it drains into your yard or backyard—you’ll see it go underground and then out into another part of town where they dump their waste products into lakes, rivers or oceans (or wherever).

Check for An Underground Septic System

If you have a septic tank and are unsure if it is working properly, here are some signs that may indicate a problem:

  • A cover or lid over your tank is missing. This can be easily seen by looking at the side of your house where the drain field is located. 

There’s no cover over this area, and it looks like someone put up scaffolding around it. 

In that case, this could mean there’s an issue with your septic system because water could enter into that area and cause damage to other parts of your house or yard (or even spill onto other people’s property).

  • You don’t see any access holes for entering into the drainage field underneath—this means that debris hasn’t been removed from inside these pipes since last time they were cleaned out!


Remember that any structural changes to your property might affect the drain field, so if you are unsure whether you have a septic tank or not and want to figure it out, then be sure to call an experienced septic tank installation service provider as they’re experienced and will identify it on the spot!