We always knew garage doors have a demanding life of ups and downs. But upon closer inspection of statistics and trivia, there is more to their story, suggesting that these large entrances to our homes are deserving of particular respect. Well, OK, we make garage doors. What else would you expect us to say? Still, these factoids may at least cause you to notice a few things about your garage and its doors.

These top ten garage door facts provide greater insight into how much use garage doors get, the surprising functionality most garages provide to a home, and other tidbits that may change how you see this household staple.

Facts About Garage Doors

1. Average Life Span of 20 Years

One of the most useful garage door facts surrounds their long lifespan. You can get an average of 20 years of standard operation from these doors. If you take the time to schedule preventative maintenance, it can also increase the door’s lifespan by several more years.

2. More Than Half of Homeowners Use Their Garages As a Main Entryway

Around 55% of homeowners use their garage as the main entryway into their homes. If you’re one of them, it’s essential to keep your garage door in good working condition so that you can enter or exit your home hassle-free.

3. Garage Doors Offer An Amazing Return On Investment Compared to Other Home Improvement Projects

There are some home improvement projects that you have to be sure are worth the cost. Replacing your garage door in canada isn’t one of them—it’s worth it. This project grants homeowners a fantastic return on investment, making it a financially-savvy home upgrade by any standard.

4. Many Famous Bands Began In Their Garages

In the same light, one of the more well-known garage door facts relates to bands that got their start near one. Some of the world’s biggest musical acts started rehearsing behind a garage door before eventually making it into the mainstream. 

Trust a Professional for Garage Door

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