Marriage planning can be an amazing journey for any couple. However, the truth is that planning for marriage involves much more than selecting the most reputable catering company in the area. It also involves planning for a marital union that’s healthy, balanced and productive for both parties. If you’re committed to making your marriage work for life, consider pursuing pre-marital counselling. These 15 benefits of premarital counselling are worth pursuing.

Premarital Counselling

1. Helps Build a Strong Foundation

The key to a successful marriage is a strong starting foundation. Premarital counselling helps couples identify what issues are important to them as individuals and as a couple. The counsellor helps the couple explore future considerations as well, such as:

  • Do you or your future spouse want children?
  • How big of a family do you want?
  • What religion, if any, does the couple want to follow?
  • Does the couple want to keep their sexual intimacy monogamous or have a more open relationship?
  • How would each person react if they discovered the other was cheating?
  • Would they attempt to save their marriage if there was a breakdown in the future?
  • How would they do this?
  • What things are “deal breakers” and grounds for divorce?

Keep in mind this is just a sampling of questions, and questions to help guide the couple can be tailored to their specific needs, personalities, and objectives.

2.  Address Financial Concerns

Most couples have their own individual debts when they get married. Being able to work out how these will be treated once married can avoid many an argument. In addition, couples can learn how to openly talk about their financial situation constructively and productively, even when disagreements occur.

3.  Learn Something New About Your Partner

Most couples think they know each other very well prior to marriage. However, many still discover they can learn something new about their partner through premarital counselling. Maybe your loved one had a hurtful experience in the past they haven’t talked about until now or have specific expectations about being married.

4.  Help Face Premarital Stress and Anxiety

Planning a wedding can be stressful and make couples feel anxious. Having a counsellor to talk to can help alleviate most of the anxiety and stress couples experience leading up to their big day. Couples can also learn how to deal with their in-laws and when they need to step in and support their partner over their parents.

5.  Lower the Risks of Divorce

No marriage is perfect; even couples together for 20, 30 or 50 years have had arguments and disagreements. These marriages succeed because these people have turned to marriage counsellors for guidance and support before and during their marriage to help them through difficult times.