You’ve made improvements to your house that reflect your style, but what about your garage door? The outside of your house includes your garage door, which can increase curb appeal and display your sense of design.

Choosing a garage door that complements your house may be challenging since many distinct kinds are available. This site is for you if you’ve thought, “What kind of garage door should I buy?” We’ll start with the most popular garage door designs to provide a solid understanding.

Style of Garage Doors

The most popular style of garage doors

With hundreds of options, I have figured out the 5 most famous styles of garage doors that you can install. 

So, are you ready to explore the list? Here you go!

Raised-panel garage doors

If you love the classic look, the raised-panel garage doors are perfect. They give your home a clean and classic look. The raised panel garage doors have symmetrical, rectangular, and raised panels.

Roll-up Garage Door

Doors with coiling mechanisms are designed to survive severe use, and these models may be constructed to fend against rust and freezing. This form has more significant initial expenses than a sectional garage door because it is heavy-duty.

If you have a little ceiling, the roll-up garage doors are ideal as they roll around the drum above the door. They are best to prevent rust, corrosion and freezing. 

One side sliding garage door

The sliding garage door functions as its name implies; it bends in one direction and stands in parallel direction. Among the earliest active types, these were first used in garages that have small headroom space.

They are adaptable enough to accommodate ceiling or mild floor slopes. Doors that slide towards the sides operate automatically without any ceiling-mounted operator since they don’t need springs and feature a retractable motor integrated right into the door. 

Door Hinges on the Side 

These doors are an antique style that opens and shut from a hinged edge on both sides of the entrance. They are generally constructed of wood and resemble enormous barn doors. However, more industrial-style doors made with galvanized steel are also offered.

These traditional doors have become increasingly popular lately, mainly for garages that have impediments or little headroom. You may buy steel frames that are pre-hung for side-hinged garage doors or have them customized to match an existing opening. With the aid of unique conversion arms, you can also get them mechanized.

Electronic Garage Doors 

Almost any garage door, including roller, sectional, and up or over models, can be automated. Whether you want to replace your current door with an easy-to-use automatic mechanism or you want a brand-new automatic garage door, you can be sure that it will take full advantage of the most recent technological advancements.

Access may be improved with automated garage doors, which are simple to use and packed with security measures. An automated solution is available for you, regardless of your needs or budget.


In this article, I have discussed the most popular style of garage doors. You can choose according to your space, style, and budget.  
Contact contemporary garage doors suppliers today and choose the door that makes your home look even more stunning.