Are you going through a rough patch in life? Then how about looking for a professional counsellor?

When speaking of counselling, the two options you may be faced with are online counselling and physical counselling. Despite being a choice between just two forms of counselling, choosing the right one can be tricky since both offer similar services to help you overcome an emotional breakdown. 

As such, we have put together this guide to help you figure out which one will be a better option for you. 

Online Counselling Vs Physical Counselling

Online Counselling vs. Physical Counselling: What Should You Choose

1. Online Counselling

When it comes to online counselling, a person can benefit tremendously since it has several advantages. For instance, online counselling can be done in the comfort of your home. This can be beneficial for those people who suffer some social anxiety since they don’t have to meet the person physically. 

Besides, online counselling is cheaper since the company offers cheaper rates for booking an appointment. However, the prices can go up if you need more time from the therapist. Also, you don’t have to worry about biased opinions since the therapist will analyze you based on the problem rather than race, colour or social background.

However, sharing your information with a stranger can be risky, especially if you are doing an online counselling session. An inexperienced or unqualified therapist might give you the wrong treatment for your emotional and mental problems, which can cause more damage. Therefore, you should cross-check their credentials before making an online appointment. 

2. Physical Counselling 

Physical counselling might be a bit expensive, but it is one of the best ways to overcome your emotional problem. For starters, the therapist will be able to observe your vocal and nonverbal cues, which will help them gain a better understanding of your problem. 

Apart from this, if you are suffering some physical abuse, then visiting a domestic abuse counselling clinic can help you recover mentally and physically from the trauma. Also, the session is held in a neutral place which ensures that you feel safe while you share information with the therapist. 

Another factor you should consider is that online communication misses out on a lot of social and verbal cues. Therefore, a therapist might not give a complete analysis since emotion can’t be interpreted through text and messages. 


To round it off, online counselling is ideal for people who are always on a busy schedule. It is easier to book an appointment, and you can participate in it in the comfort of your house. 

On the other hand, physical counselling is one of the best ways you can interact and socialize with someone who understands you better. For instance, if you are dealing with alcohol abuse, you can try opting for group therapy. 

Similarly, the therapist can try different exercises to help you gain better emotional stability. With that, we have reached the end of our guide. If you have any further doubts, we suggest contacting a psychologist for further assistance. See you next time!