A funeral usually costs $5k to $10k, and many families struggle to allocate this much for end-of-life expenses. Losing a family member brings more than just the loss of life and grief. It comes with the added burden of funeral arrangements.

Whether the death was expected or sudden, the ordeal of a funeral can be financially straining.

How can you pay for a funeral? We have put together a list of 5 options you can look into as you plan to handle funeral expenses.

  1. Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Pre-Paid funeral plans are wise choices for individuals who dread burdening their families during times of loss and grief with the task of funeral arrangement and payment.

You can collaborate with a funeral home ahead of time to make this happen. You can be as detailed and thorough as you like concerning the arrangement.

Pre-Paid funerals cost from $10k to $20k. You don’t have o pay all at once as there are plans for monthly deposits over an extended period. 

  1. Funeral Trusts

Funeral trusts are like ordinary trusts in how they accumulate interest over an extended period. The only difference from other accounts is their purpose. Funeral trusts are for end-of-life expenses, managed by the funeral home.

You may prefer smaller ceremonies and cremations or open/closed casket burials. You can look into establishments like Ajax Funeral Visitation Centre for various services and delicacies.

  1. Life Insurance

Life insurance can not pay for a funeral because these plans do not include such occasions with most companies. 

Nevertheless, there is a way to use life insurance to pay for a funeral. You can divert insurance policy benefits to the funeral home handling your case. Many funeral homes have a setup for just this kind of payment. 

  1. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a great alternative when you fail to raise enough to cover a funeral by yourself. You can call your community and get people involved in raising your funeral cash in time.

Several websites and companies offer crowdfunding platforms like gofundme.com. 

  1. Funeral Assistance Programs

Once you have gone through all your options concerning funeral payment plans, it will be time to look into funeral assistance programs.

The programs can be government-funded or managed by NGOs. You can reach out to these organizations online and work with those available in your area.

Paying for a funeral in a nutshell 

Even though money for a funeral must come from the deceased individual estate, leaving the family members with no legal obligation, the sense of duty to handle the funeral arrangement is burdensome in modern society. 

If you are a will-executioner or the person directly responsible for arranging the funeral, you can look into the list above for a smooth payment.

Make time for grief and deal with the loss by making informed decisions concerning your payment options and collaborating with your funeral home or similar service.