Finding an excellent personal injury lawyer requires attention because you want to get the best results out of the situation. Most people would go for a highly advertised personal injury lawyer, but it’s essential to do more research. So how do you know what to look for in a personal injury lawyer? Here are four key questions that should be at the top of your checklist.

What are your qualifications and experience when dealing with a similar case?

A personal injury lawyer should have the right qualifications to practice injury law. They should also have the required experience when dealing with a case like yours. Ask the lawyer how long they have practised personal injury law to better understand their expertise. 

Ask about their track record, and how many cases they have won that are similar to yours. A longer experience does not necessarily mean they are good at personal injury law. The more cases they have won in personal injury law shows their expertise in the field. 

While checking the experience, ask how many cases they have won in a trial. Most cases in personal injury law are usually settled out of court. However, there are cases where the case can move to a trial. It means you need to know if the lawyer can handle the case if it proceeds to a trial in court. 

What strategies do you have in place to handle my case?

Before you agree to work with a personal injury lawyer, ask about the procedures they use. Knowing the process will help you settle any anxiety you have. Ask about any difficulties they see in your case and how they can solve it. 

You can also ask what the lawyer estimates the settlement of the case might be worth. It is not simple to tell the exact amount, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can estimate. Ask how much time they can set aside for the case and how long it will take. 

What fees will I pay?

Personal injury lawyers usually charge contingency fees for cases. These charges are a settlement percentage which often ranges from 20-40%. Ask the lawyer their rates are to see if you can agree with them or negotiate lower. 

The first consultation is free for most personal injury lawyers, but some lawyers also ask for additional costs for other services. Inquire whether the personal injury lawyer has charges when you lose the case to enable you to budget. 

How will you communicate during the legal process?

Clients are different; some want a status report of the case frequently. Others don’t require a lot of details as long as the case goes well. It is crucial to know how you will get updated about the case. 

Inquire about the success rate of the case, and if there is a chance it could precede a trial in court. You also need to know what to do and what to bring as evidence. Personal injury lawyers request you to carry the following;

  • Relevant videos and photographs
  • Medical records
  • Police records 
  • Witness records or statements 
  • Physical evidence of the injury 

These are some things they need to assess the strength of the case. There are many other required documents depending on the type of case. 

The financial stress and worry about the consequences of an injury to your health can get overwhelming. It is, therefore, crucial to get a qualified personal injury lawyer to help you settle your case quickly. Reach out to expert personal injury lawyers to get help with whatever issue you have.